Water Filter Products – Buy high quality water filtration systems or replacement water filter cartridges

Ensure clean, excellent tasting drinking water for you and your family thanks to STIEBEL ELTRON’s range of water filters.
We offer to levels of filtration: a 4-stage water filter system, which is the highest level of water purification we offer, and a 3-stage water filter system which still provides excellent quality filtration at a reduced price point.

All water filtration system packs come with everything you need straight out of the box, including a stainless steel filter tap, swivel-action filter housing, water filter cartridges and all required plumbing fittings/connections/tubing/valves. You can view our complete water filter systems for sale below.

In addition to selling complete water filter systems, you can buy individual replacement water filter cartridges for your existing STIEBEL ELTRON water filter purification system. Purchase the different colour-coded cartridges, or you can buy replacement packs containing all the filter cartridges for either the 3-stage or 4-stage filters.

Still having trouble? Contact us for additional help selecting the correct STIEBEL ELTRON water filtration product.

Complete Water Filtration Systems

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